Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday baby Rose

Our Sweet Baby Rose is 1! She has brought so much joy to our lives. She always has a smile, loves to cuddle, and loves to eat. She is an amazing little girl. So smart. She grabs a book for us to read, pretends to have tea parties, loves to put tops on and off, even screw tops, eats anything, loves to drink from a straw, loves to put on shoes, and is entertained by going through my purse. Most of all she loves her mommy. My lower back is killing me because she wants me to carry her around, and only me. She is still nursing. I guess I'm more of a pacifier. She gets up in the middle of the night and I put her in the bed with us and nurses until the morning. That has got to stop. She is just so darn cute, it's hard to tell her no.
She adores Solomon. She gets in the trailer of his tractor and he rides her around. They both laugh out loud. It makes me the happiest to see them love each other. I guess it's something about two people that I love with all my heart, loving each other as well.
I just can't get enough of baby Rose. She's very special.

Kohen, didn't want his picture made. I hope he and Solomon are classmates again. Laura S. said that when Kohen got his school list he asked if Solomon had gotten his. So sweet.

Boone Boys:

Stella didn't really want Rose even looking at her crazy bandz. Rose sat for a long time just watching Stella. Rose eventually got into the Smith's bag, got out Martin's shirt and laid down on it. It had been a very busy party. I guess she is kinda like her daddy, even in the middle of a party, if you're tired you go to bed.

Thanks to these two, plus Dana for helping me put together everything before the party. Without Joy it wouldn't have been as special. She let us use the beautiful chenille bedspreads as the backdrop, she hung the birthday banner (I ordered from etsy), and knew just how to set up everything.
This is part of a picture of the food. I hate I didn't get a picture of the food tables. Keri House did an amazing job with the menu. We had meatballs, fruit on a stick, beef enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, spinach and black bean enchiladas, buttercream cupcakes, black bean and corn dip. We had a perfect amount of delicious food. Thanks Keri.

Rose scratched Tacker and made him cry. I guess Neall has been teaching her what to do around cute boys.

This is the life.

sweet Maggie.

Rose was shy with all of us singing to her. I really wish I had put a coverup on. I didn't think about me being in the pictures with a candle in my crotch. Oops.

Caroline asked her mommy and daddy before they came to the party if they thought Solomon would like her bathing suit. Why do we girls care what boys think? I guess it comes naturally.

I had these pictures planned out in my head for weeks. It wasn't the outfit I wanted, but still cute. The whole time she was whining and walking towards me, but I got some real cute ones I need to get put to canvas. Isn't the golf course gorgeous?
Solomon playing with Rose's ear. That's what they both do when they are tired. Rose plays with her own ear and Sol grabs someone else's. This photo makes my heart melt. Sol said, "Rose loves me."
I love this picture of these sweet girls.
Nanna in heaven.

PopPop want some?
This Rose bud cake from Hays was all icing but perfect for a baby rose smash cake. Rose had fun mushing it between her fingers.

They each had their own cake. Emmy made baby Rose a beautiful hear cake with tons of sparkles. She told me she made it all by herself with her mommy. Sweet Emmy.

I knew Rose would love her new chair. She sits in it for a long time.

Solomon teaching Rose how to have a tea party.

Granny and Rose love each other. We swear Rose says granny.

Tired and Hungry

My big one year old.

Party set up #1.

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Tracy said...

It doesn't seem like it has been a year! Becca, she is just a beautiful little girl! I love her big smile. I can't help but smile when I see her big smile. Just precious!!