Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!

I forgot my camera, so I didn't get any pictures at Parker's first birthday party. We had a blast! The monkey decorations were precious, the food was great, and the party favors were precious. I wish I were that creative. We were very glad that Solomon didn't trow-up at this party! We love you Parker!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Parade

The red stripe out of the ground is Parker's head! He was so bundled up he couldn't stand up.

The Wynne Christmas Parade was last night. It was very cold!! Julia, Parker, and Solomon gathered in front of the FUMC to wave on all the tractors.

Christmas lights

Solomon had fun playing with rope light. Kristen Dunn came to the rescue of my house. I am Christmas decorating challenged. Since I am hosting Neall's office party I wanted it to look like we have some holiday spirit. Now that Kristen has spent a couple of days working on the house we even feel the Christmas spirit. I can't wait to show pics of all the work she has done.

Julia's 1st Birthday

I hate there is no picture of Julia! Solomon vomited all over her bouncing horse, so we had to leave before we sang Happy Birthday. He seemed to be fine after vomiting, but we left. I am scared to death that we will be the breakout monkey of the group. We had a lovely time while we were there. Solomon made his first ornament as a party favor. The Shepard house looked wonderful and everyone was in great spirits!


The house got quiet and we found Solomon in his old baby bouncer. He always loved this thing.
Just chillin' in Julia's wheel chair.
Solomon and Levi. They were very sweet to each other.
At the Jackson family Thanksgiving (sans Linda), Tara made a wonderful dinner and then did the heavy pulling. These babies have so much fun together.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Children's Museum

Solomon's first trip to the Children's Museum in Memphis. He squealed when we walked in the doors. His favorite part was a fisher price basket ball goal. He loved the fireman's hat and especially the dancing room. When we let him lead he always went back to the disco room. Rayford's get ready for Solomon.

First Grizzly's Game

e:throwing a fit because we took the ball away. He fell out a few times in the lobby.

Solomon lasted about 30 minutes of the Grizz game. We had 5.00 tickets, so the seats were scary way up high. But we did get to eat and stop by the gift shop to get a new basketball and t-shirt. After that all Sol wanted to do was play with the ball. He loved the opening act with all the fire and music. Whenever he saw the Grizz he would roar.... very cute.
this is the intoduction to the game


first fire of the season
Juila and Sol went on a walk in the jogging stroller, but the tires were flat, so it was more like a sled.
This is the face that Sol makes when he realizes the camera is on him. Laura loves taking pictures of this face.

Solomon has enjoyed the fall. Especially the outdoors. We had the best time playing and rolling around in the ginko leaves. I wish I had my camera with me. He was precious letting the leaves fall in his face. We could make leave angels in the grass.


Maggie, MM, and Ben came to visit this past weekend. We couldn't get enough of Maggie. She and Solomon couldn't keep their mouths off of each other. Even Maggie would lean in for a kiss.
(Maggie 5 months, Solomon 14 months)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and other to be Traditions

It's not easy taking a group baby picture!

Parker and PaPa Pat.
Disney characters!

This isn't a tradition I hope. Neall dressed Solomon.... need I say more? Even Solomon knew it was very bad.
Solomon loved to put the fake teeth in.
Our first pumpkin carving.

We made a very simple pumpkin. We pushed holes through the pumpkin, that's about it.

Neall and Solomon took a break from Halloween activites to play some ball. Now when we're outside Solomon gets the ball goes under the goal and grunts until Neall lifts him to dunk.

Martha, Laura, Neall, and I made paper mache skulls. They turned out really well, and it was fun. Neall and I also painted some gourds as ghosts.. very cute.

Solomon was Pluto. This was at Eldridge Court.

At the FUMC trunk or treat. We had a very good time. This is Kristen with Sol and Max. Max is only 4 months old and weighs almost as much as Solomon!
Greeting the newest member of the gang: Cooper Haralson.

Julia's first Hotdog! She loved it, almost as much as Kristen enjoyed feeding it to her.