Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Off he goes...well sort of

This past weekend Solomon began taking a few steps at a time. Every day he takes a few steps more. He doesn't really want to walk. I have to stand him up and hold up something really interesting. I don't know if I'm ready for this step or not. This morning he crawled into the kitchen and dumped out the dogs water bowl. While I was cleaning up that he went into the bathroom and pulled all the toilet paper off the roll. When I was in the middle of cleaning I discovered that ants were taking over the kitchen, so I just picked Sol up and went out the door for a morning stroll. I thought the ants might be nice enough to clean up the toilet paper. (They weren't) Only one more week until I start working! I'm enjoying every second with Solomon.

This is a video taken a few days ago at Neall's office.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


What a happy boy, during the day. He is very social and puts on a smile when we're out and about. But, when the sun goes down and we would like to sleep he gets a little mean. He still loves peek-a-boo. I'm waiting for one day for him to say, "Mom, that is so last month." He can say "bye-bye" and wave at the same time. We swear he has said Pa Pa (stephen) and baby, but we may be stretching it a little. I have to trick him into eating vegetables. I put carrots inside a grilled cheese. He loves ham and turkey and will mash green beans and throw them on the floor. Unfortunately I think he has Neall's palate instead of mine.
He's standing alone and is thinking about stepping forward, but can't convince himself to make that big leap. I've gotten him to take one step, but he sits down and crawls instead. He's waiting on Laura to get home from camp since she has taught him all his major milestones.

Mrs. Linda brought her granddaughter (Zion) for a few weeks to play with Solomon. He loves her. Every morning he squealed when he saw her. Zion is 14 months old and was an amazing dancer. She's going back home, and we are going to miss her.

Maggie Grace visited last week. It was so fun having her around. My parents were very content having both their grandbabies with them.

Some of the many visitors to visit Maggie. The Vaught family were very excited to meet Maggie Grace.
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We took a break with Mary-Margaret to have a catered meal with friends. It was a lot of fun and very tasty.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go Marlins

We went to cheer Martha and AJ on a few weeks ago at the Jonesboro swim meet. We can't wait for Sol to swim. Martha makes it look so easy and fun.

Baby Songs

Laura Ruth had a VHS when she was a baby that we watched over and over called Baby Songs. Mom found it on DVD so we could see if Sol enjoyed it also. The video is so 80's, but Sol loves it and we can't figure out why. This is a picture of he and Laura when we put the video on. If he is cranky and whining around we can put this video on and he will relax and intently watch. So weird.

Yo Baby

Solomon's dancing cracks us up.