Friday, June 19, 2009

FarmFest 2009

FarmFest 2009 was an experience. I think Neall and I were as close to meltdown as we have ever been. I think to the public everything went without a hitch, but on the inside it was a little crazy. Friday kicked off with electricity problems along Merriman. The vendors used a lot more electricity than anticipated. Thanks to many wonderful people, we gathered enough generators to power everyone up. Friday afternoon we were surprised with a tornado. We heard about strong winds and storms coming, so Neall and I drove the borrowed golf carts home. I stayed home with Sol and Neall headed back downtown to make sure all the vendors were ok. Soon after he left the tornado sirens went off. Sol and I headed to the basement when the lights went off. Neall gathered up the vendors, some had to be forced, and headed to the basement of the Post Office. No one was hurt, some vendors had to pack up and go home because their stuff blew away.
Saturday was so hot. We were just running around doing this and that all day. Farm Fest had so many wonderful volunteers. There is no way it could have happened without their very hard work, there we even people we would pass and they would ask if they could help- we grabbed them up. Thanks so much to all of them. By the end we were physically and mentally tired and vowed we never would speak of FF again. Time is easing the pain.
There was a big crowd to listen to the music on the courthouse lawn on Saturday night.

A small view of the midway along Merriman Avenue on Sat.

The children's games were a hit. Solomon stayed at the ducks. I enjoyed watching the egg toss. Kids got eggs cracked on their heads, it was hilarious.

Solomon's first snow cone. It was so hot.

Village Creek gave a presentation to the kids about leaving wild animals wild. They brought this crazy squirrel that was going crazy in it's cage the entire time.

Chloe and Solomon. Solomon loves Chloe. He just followed her the best he could. When she got out of her sight he'd say "Where Chloe go?"

Cheering on the 5K runners!

Oh! Sol thought he was hot stuff driving this car all by himself at the carnival. He screamed after getting off every ride.

The Smith kids looking towards the carnival from Jesse Wynne Park.

Love Julia.

The hills of Jesse Wynne Park are perfect for sitting and rolling down.

The Hays Food Town team were so nice to set up and take down the VIP tent for FarmFest. There wasn't really a VIP dinner because of the tornado!, but the citizens of Wynne really appreciated the tent throughout the hot, sunny days.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Rose

Solomon is so sweet to my belly. He lays on it and gives it belly sugar. Sometimes it does get in his way and he tries to push it down. I just hope baby rose isn't flat on one side. Rose is very busy these days. Time is flying by with this pregnancy. I'm sure the last few weeks will drag on. We're almost ready for her. We've got a few more things to do in her room. We've made Solomon a big boy room that he loves. (pictures later) We have a few more photos to hang in his room, and a few things to bring down from the attic for baby rose. I'm afraid when we bring down the swing Solomon is going to think that's for him.

FarmFest 2009

We're modeling the FarmFest t-shirts.
We hope everyone will join us for the 33rd annual FarmFest on June 12-13. This link will take you to the schedule of events. Don't forget about the Delta Smoke BBQ competition, carnival, Farmers Market, childrens events, vendors, food, community arts showcase, and more. Call if you have any questions!

Sunny Days

Emily was so sweet to Solomon in the pool. Solomon loved Emily and wanted to jump to her.

Solomon has begun potty training. This is the fun part for him. He would much rather pee outside.

Poppy and Solomon. Solomon just takes his hand and leads the way. It's usually across the street to the neighbors basketball goal.

There have been a few sunny days here and there. Here are some photos of when we have gotten to enjoy the weather.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Memorial Weekend was rainy, but Solomon and Caroline made the best of it, and kept us entertained.

Ring around the Rosie and Running became a fun indoor activity.