Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Rose

Here are a few pics of our beatiful new baby Rose Ryan Jackson. This is Neall posting so short and sweet.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Above are photos of Solomon's room. Solomon loves his bedroom. He'll ask us to come play with toys. The lower bed in his room pulls out and that is where he and I sleep.
Below are Rose Ryan's room:

Here are some photos of the kids bedrooms. These were taken with my old camera, and I think that the lens must be dirty. Maybe I'll replace these images with better ones.

The other night I asked Neall to look at the kids rooms and then at ours- there is a huge difference. Their rooms are decorated and look nice while ours looks worse than a college apartment. Maybe someday we'll get our room in order.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rose Ryan Update

2-weeks pre-baby 2. Can we handle it?

Here are some pre-baby photos of us. Only 2 weeks before they say they'll do another c-section. The date is set for July 28 unless she comes before. Hopefully she'll come before then. We're getting anxious. I'm feeling good except for every other night I don't sleep well, my back hurts, and I'm having contractions here and there. We've got everything ready, well there is always something that can be done.
I've added pics of Ryan here because this one of her namesakes. He is so sweet about it. He acts so honored; I'm glad about that. He has been one of those friends to me you can't describe. We're not alike except for we like each other.
Many people think we'll call her Rose Ryan. Neall, Sol, and I call her baby Rose. We'll just have to see what sticks.
I just can't wait to love another as much as I love my family now.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Solomon 22 months.

Nana and Pop Pop brought back this guitar from Hawaii. I've never seen Sol so excited. It amazed us how he knew what to do with it and even how to hold it. He sang "kinkle, kinkle, little star" over and over. On Father's day he sang, "Happy Father's day to you."
Tara gave Rose Ryan a box of Emmy's clothes. Solomon loved the boots!

Solomon is amazing us every day. He is saying everything we say. He says thank you and you're welcome, at the correct time. It took him a while to get this down. We would tell him to say thank you, so he would. Then we would say you're welcome and so he would say welcome. Then he began to say welcome when he needed to say thankyou. It was a vicious cycle for a while, but he's got it now.

He loves his musical instruments. Everything can be turned into an insturment. He hands everyone an instrument and expects us all to play. If no insturments are around he'll point to me and say microphone (i'll sing), "daddy drum", "pop pop drum", nana clap. We all do what he says.

He's doing very well on the potty. We average about one accident a day. That is great on the diapers. We use a pull up at night time, but he rarely uses it. He can only stand pampers brand. If we put a generic or huggies he breaks out and scratches for days.

He can sing the entire Twinkle twinkle Little Star song. He also loves the baby bumble bee song. He falls out laughing when I say "oops I made a mess." He can count to 13. He sometimes counts constantly. He'll count himself to sleep. He doesn't always go in order when counting, but when stacking blocks he'll get to 13. He can also sing his ABC's, but we're the only ones that can tell he's saying all the letters.
We just have the best time with him. He is a lot of fun to play with. He'll say "mommy pay" I can't resist. He loves to play with his IKEA train set and blocks mostly.
Instead of having his hand down my shirt all the time he has moved on to picking "kabsks" scabs on my arms. They started out as mosquito bite, but he has made them into these horrible looking scabs. He won't let them heal. He'll say "Mommy ok, alright" then pick the scab. He searches everyone for scabs to pick. Granny says he comes by it naturally.

Father's Day 2009

We had a wonderful Father's Day. Richie, Lynn-Lynn, Tara, and Emmy came to play. Solomon and I bought Neall a new video camera that uses a memory card just like a photo camera. It's even easy to download to the computer- just push one button; hopefully we'll do it!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Solomon was so excited to get on the trolly. He would tell passengers "all aboard!" He is so much fun- he makes life exciting.

Fireworks! We watched them on top of the condo, on top of a table.

I think there is something about breastfed babies and having their hand down their mothers shirt. Solomon still puts his hand down mine, especially when he is tired.

Neall showing off his juggling skills. The kids enjoyed him dropping them more than the juggling part.Sol watched George's every move.

Then he would try to imitate George.

George, Annie, and Solomon enjoying Watermelon. Solomon loved watching the older kids.

Solomon driving by the hydrangeas. I love our hydrangeas. I'm glad I get to drive by them everyday.

Maggie was in the back of the tractor being pulled. You can see all of us chasing after them. Solomon isn't the safest driver. He is enjoying his new ability to steer the tractor.

The above photos are of Solomon making a sharp turn. The photo below is the bump on Maggie's head from the fall. She is very tough.

These were taken in the kings backyard. These kiddos are so good together.

Solomon driving Caroline in his tractor. This was after they ate their first s'more. The tractor is still covered in a sticky goo.

These were taken this spring at Mr. George Eldridge's farm. Sol loved feeding the horses, but he was a little nervous about riding them.

Red Bird's game. Lots of fun! Solomon loves his new hat. He wears it a lot. He had a blast at the game. He learned lots of new baseball terminology- like pitch it, hit it, home run. Now he says pitch it, catch it, hit it. When he hits the ball off his t, he says home run and takes off.

Neall and I were ready to leave long before he was. We left when he layed down on the concrete.

Solomon's first fish!

Solomon's first catch. Pop pop cast out the line and Solomon knew exactly what to do to reel it in, and on the first cast- he caught a really big croppie.

If any one's been to Mallard, you know you have to get your picture taken with the snowball throwing bear.

Fun at the zoo on July 4:

"wook Maggie"