Saturday, February 28, 2009

fun photos

He's a little confused on what sporting equipment goes with which sport.

His favorite thing to do is to ride the lawnmower. Good thing Pop pop loves it too.

Solomon loves his new room. He never did really play in his nursery, but now that he has a big boy room he pulls us in there to "play" at breakfast, lunch, and after work. His favorite activities are playing basket ball, stacking blocks and knocking them down, getting into his Apollo capsule, coloring, books, and he also tries to get into anything: if there is a toy car he'll stick his toe into to the door, I guess he's learning about size.

He's 17 months old and we're having the best time. He can say any word that he wants to. He says please, sorry, k (when he falls and is ok), eat, happy (my favorite), play, bak ball, apple, ollie, just to name a few of his favorites. We have to be very careful about what we say, he repeats everything.
We were impressed today when I asked him to sing his ABC's he sang, ABCDEEE. We were very excited and had him do it over and over.
The other night we went to watch Neall play basketball at the Church. When we walked in and all those boys were playing Solomon starting squealing with excitement and would holler Daddy and Yeah. He loves basketball, I just hope he is good at it someday. He will even watch it on TV. I'm going to have to get a video of him watching Neall play. I think Solomon is starting to realize that Neall is his hero. Sol likes to point to everyone and say their names, "Momma, Daddy, Ollie "ooyee", etc. Well, he was making his rounds and pointed to himself and said "Daddy" and laughed. I hope he always wants to be like Neall.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Emmy!!

Precious Emmy wanted all Dora stickers in a pile on her chest. It was her birthday, so why not!

Anything Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora was a hit!

All Eyes on Emmy.

The Jackson Men.

Emmy was happy to get home to her daddy.

Evan and Solomon watching Yo Gabba Gabba
Julia loved the 4-wheeler. "See ya later boys"

Reading in the am. Taking it easy before the big party!

Wake up Emmy! Solomon waited as long as he could before waking Emmy up. She's a much better/ longer sleeper.

Waiting patiently

Maybe a wet willie will work.

By the way, nothing worked; she didn't wake up for another hour.

Emmy actually wanted to take a bath. She crawled in with Solomon, so we went ahead and washed her hair. She loved looking silly getting all sudsed up.

For Emmy's second birthday Nanna took her to Playhouse Disney Live! She couldn't take her eyes off the stage. We had a blast. At the end Nanna bought her and Solomon a stuffed Mickey Mouse. Emmy kept saying "Mickey Mouse" and "Thank You!!" How sweet!

Cancun cont.

Solomon watching the horse show at Xcaret. As you can see he was wowed.

We were very worried that we wouldn't get to go on the river because we needed to put on life vests, but Solomon didn't care one bit! AMEN!
The best stroller in the world. I would have paid $200.00 if they would have let me bring it home. Solomon even loved it. We was happy not to be held constantly.

These creatures were everywhere. I know they are harmless, but I still was a little nervous.

solomon is so cute in a bathing suit. He actually loved his hat. I think it was an adult hat, but his big head fit it just right.

we took this ourselves at Xcaret while Solomon was asleep.
This is a view above the river that floated down.
The boys climbed Myan ruins at Xcaret.
This was a walkway across a reflection pool at the spa.

The kiddie pool advertised Senor Frogs. I guess its never too early to start partying.
Solomon enjoyed the kiddie pool the most. It was heated!
This is a photo of the teenage water slide. Very cool, it was too cold for us to try.

This is a not so good photo of the pirate ship slides for the little kids. Very cool too, but too cold.

Solomon loved riding on Neall's shoulders for the first time. I really loved it because it gave my hips a rest.

Monday, February 16, 2009


This is a picture of a picture we bought at Xcaret. The water is that blue in real life. This is a ocean river that goes through caves. Solomon actually enjoyed it. He didn't even mind the life vest. He would swim back and forth between Neall and me. The float/swim lasted about an hour. The water stays an average of 75, so it was nice. Getting out was tough. It was windy and chilly.

Neall, Solomon, and I went to Cancun for a long weekend. It was way too short. We had a wonderful time. We stayed at The Great Parnassus. This is a great resort for families. We took a one day trip to Xcaret: a nature reserve, Mayan ruin, ocean, theme park kinda place. Solomon was very good on the plane and enjoyed eating and swimming. Solomon learned a lot of new words such as "look", "air plane", "ocean", "walk", "poot", (Neall slipped up on that one). Solomon ate red grapes at every meal and tried fruit punch for the first time. He drank so much punch that he threw up! I must admit it was very good. We let him eat lots of sugery things- it was vacation. As I said before the plane ride went well, I mean suprisingly very well. We sat by the window and Solomon would "Pat, Pat, Pat" like the Litte Einstiens as we took off. The portable DVD player didn't work on the way over, but we survived without it. He wiggled around and then fell asleep without a peep. Other passesngers commented on how good he was- phew! On the way home he fell asleep during takeoff. By that time I was so sore from carrying him for 4 days. We made the drastic mistake of forgeting a stroller. Sol only wanted me to hold him most of the time so my hips were sore for a few days after the trip. When we went to Xcaret we rented a stroller, Solomon was happy to ride in that for a day. I think he was even sore from being carried so much.