Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

Emmy thinks Sol's outfit is as goofy as I do(the below posts are by Neall)

Fortunately for Emmy's eyeballs, Sol still cannot grasp things well

Sol thinks poppy bears an uncanny resemblance to himself, and so handsome too!

Our beautiful easter pic. apparently we were looking into the sun

Sol got his new swing set up and loves it. Unfortunately it was 10 feet off the ground at the time of the photo. This has since been adjusted due to safety concerns. It may not be as much fun now.

Here is Anguel and Tiffany from little rock this past weekend. They are engaged. Yippee! Sol is pleased and thinks Anguel sounds like Borat.

Caroline and Sol goin' cruisin.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

6 Months Old

Time has flown by. Every afternoon I get home he's grown just a little. He's eating pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, cereal, broccoli, and the occasional cracker. He's working on using a sippy cup. He loves to drink out of big people cups, but that turns into a costume change.
He amazed us this weekend by playing peek a boo. He had a towel in his hands and put it over his head and then pulled it down and we yelled peek a boo! I thought he was a genius for being able to do this at such a young age, so I went and got out my Peds notes from Dr.Fors and realized that he is right on target. Oh well, we're still impressed!
We went to see Dr.Beth today for his 6 month check up and for her to assess his cold. He didn't have any ear infections and didn't need any medications (to Neall's disappointment).
He weighed 20 pounds and is 28 3/4 '' long.
Sol is very wiggly. He thinks that if we would just let him out of our lap he could walk across the room. He can sit up pretty well, the boppy is nice to have behind him. He's rolling over now and gets peeved when he ends up on his stomach.
He's sleeping with us most of the night. He sleeps in his bed until around midnight and then when he gets up to eat he ends up staying the whole night with us. It's just too easy when he's still eating off me to roll over and feed him instead of getting up over and over. Plus he's very cuddly and I enjoy seeing the first smile of the day.

First Snow

Sol watched the strange white matter fall from the sky mostly from indoors.

Monday, March 10, 2008

First Bike Ride

Our Parents are really weird. huh?

A couple of weekends ago it was so beautiful outside. We couldn't wait to get outdoors and get some fresh air. Sol wanted to go pick up Caroline and show her his new wheels.