Friday, May 30, 2008

Take me out to the Ballgame

We had the best time at Solomon's first Redbirds game. Neall and I hadn't been in 2 years and were excited to go back. The boys (evan and solomon) ate crackers off the pavement and entertained us all with their cuteness. They weren't too sure about Rocky redbird.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Creepy Crawler

Solomon is on the move, very slowly. Lara Ruth bribed him to crawl with her keys and cell phone 3 nights ago (May 20,2008). We are excited that he's advancing, but I can't take my eye off of him for a second. I just left him in the den while I ran to the bathroom and when I returned, 1 minute later, no I didn't wash my hands, I found him standing on the coffee table/stool chewing on my camera. I guess I need to work on baby proofing the house. He only will crawl to things he isn't supposed to have like keys, cell phones, large glasses of water, etc. He'll also crawl to me and balls. I'm amazed at how fast he is changing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

8 Months Old

Is he really 8 months old!? Time is flying by. Now that I don't have school anymore, I promise to never wish my life away. Solomon and I are already enjoying our time together. Mrs.Linda has him in the morning so I can get some things done around the house, really I just go down to the gym and take a shower then hurry and get him back.
Sol is so busy. He wants to take your hands and walk around the house. When he plays on the floor he is constantly pulling himself up on his singing mirror/stage. He can sit up by himself from lying on the floor. He's scooting on his belly to things that we don't want him to get like our shoes and the dogs. We noticed last night that he is using the pincer grasp to pick up his food. Last night he had Salmon and peas. He has a very sophisticated palate. He likes mango and peaches purred with his cereal and yo baby yogurt (Thanks Ambre' for the idea) But, most of all he likes titty. Last night I knew that he was full when he woke up, so I decided I would just rock him back to sleep even though he wanted to nurse. Well, he showed me who was boss, he screamed until I thought he was going to pass out. Neall nor I could get him to calm down until I let him nurse. Boy are we going to have some trouble weaning him in a few months.
He peed on the potty!! I put him on his potty after he woke up the other morning and he peed on the potty, so I danced and sang. He enjoyed it, but had no idea what I was so happy about. I've had no success catching him again, but we'll keep trying. We just moved up a diaper size, 4, because he peed out 3 nights in a row, that's our own personal indicator.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Busy Weekend

Last weekend was very busy with graduation and Richard and Linda's wedding, but we had a blast!

Becca, Monkey, Miranda, and Emily.

Becca, Kristen, Jackie, Kim, and Melissa. (The VA girls)

Becca and Marc

Miranda, Lana, Monkey, Emily, and Me

Emmy and Sol in the wedding wagon Richard and Linda getting them ready for their big entrance

Emmy and Solomon

A few weekends ago Emmy came and stayed at our house for 2 nights. We had the best time. She was such a good little girl. We want her anytime and I hope that Sol acts as good at other peoples houses (yeah right).
This is how they slept! I had to contort my body to fit into bed. Neall slept in the other room.

They were so sweet in the stroller together. They would hold hands and lean and kiss each other.