Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy Boy

When Granny kisses the back of Sol's head, he continues to lean back for more.
Solomon loves to play with Daddy.
Sol was going over some policies at Grammy's office. He decided that his rates should be reduced because he is so cute.
He had the best time messing with all the papers on Grammy's desk.

New Photos

Notice my hair is falling out. Other Mothers kept asking me if my hair had started falling out and I had no idea what they were talking about until now! I'm missing half of my bangs! I look very weird- It looks like I have male pattern baldness!

Ollie wants to be right in Sol's face. Ollie lets Sol grab her ears and put his hands in her mouth. Ollie is going to be good with Sol. Larry knows his place- he stays away until Sol spits up, then he's right there to clean it up.

Neall and Sol look so good together.

I've been thinking....

While I was driving home from Jonesboro I was pumping (so Sol would have enough milk for the next day) and I was thinking about the oddest places I've pumped and nursed.
Oddest pumping places:
*Hwy 64
*Hwy 1
*Nursing home bathroom
*SCO clinic, optical bathroom, ocular disease bathroom, contact lens bathroom
*Mall parking lot
*gas station, while getting gas
*Memphis private school bathroom on a tiny toilet during a school screening.

Oddest places I've nursed Sol
*Happy Mexican Resturant booth
*Target women's clothes department
*Memphis East High School library in a back room with piles of dust and trash surrounding us
*Mall parking lot
*Bath tub- only once, I wondered what he thought about having his two favorite things at once- bathing and nursing
*Pairs and Spares classroom at church before his christening- (sunday school was over!)
I know there's more, so I'll have to add to this list later.

I hate teething!!

Sol was aggravated at times with his new tooth. He would cry and I would begin to laugh and he would begin to laugh through his tears! What a frustrating time for such a little boy.
Hey sis, can I chew on your nose. This is a special picture to me because when Laura was a baby she used to suck on my nose, gross huh? I hope she is nicer to Sol than I was to her. When she walks in the room, Sol can't take his eyes off of her. He gives her great big smiles.
"Will somebody help me get these toes in my mouth?"

Baby's First Tooth

Solomon popped his first tooth this week! I told Neall last weekend that I thought he was teething and he wouldn't believe me telling me that Sol wasn't old enough, that he wouldn't get teeth until 7 months. Well, I was right. We were in a store in Memphis and we could see his two bottom teeth peeping through his gums. He was a cranky, slobbering, and hand sucking little boy. Tara gave us some teething tablets and they really helped him. When he's fussy I put two under his toungue and put some numbing stuff on his gums. By Monday his left bottom tooth popped through.
All of Solomon's future class mates that are 4 months old also are rolling over (from what I've heard from their grandparents.) So, during our playtime (6-7 am) I put him on his belly and practice. He has trouble getting his arm in the right position. Once the arm is in the right position he can roll over. He likes to lay on his back and roll from side to side and hold his feet. He's even gotten his toes in his mouth once or twice. Pa thinks we hold him too much so he doesn't get enough time to roll around. I think he has the rest of his life to roll around. He won't want me to hold him pretty soon, so I'm taking advantage of it now!
I'm just amazed at how fast he is growing and changing. He really is entertaining us now. He laughs out loud with such a sweet chuckle. He laughs mostly at his daddy. Neall deserves all the smiles after spending every afternoon with a cranky Sol, dancing and singing for 2 hours until Mom and her titties get home. Sol mostly likes to laugh at jumping. When we dance and sing in front of him, he laughs at his very silly parents.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

4 months Old

Solomon went for his 4 month check up yesterday and Dr. Beth said he was a healthy boy and not to worry if he hates tummy time that he will roll over and crawl someday. He weighs 18.6 lbs and is 27 inches long. He changes who he looks like every day. Sometimes he looks like me, but I think he looks like Neall most of the time. He looks so cute in this sweater his aunt Tara gave him for Christmas. I had to get a picture of him in it even if he is asleep.

Our life this week.

Neall gave Solomon and I a cold last weekend. Neall went to the doctor and got antibiotics while Solomon and I toughed it out and we all got better on the same day. Neall is such a wimp. Being the horrible mother that I am, I left Sol on Monday to begin my last externship in Jonesboro. I know Sol was in good hands with Mrs.Linda, but I didn't want to leave him. Sol looked worse than he acted. His eyes and nose were so red. When I got home we both cried until we fell asleep. Thank god he won't be able to remember these first few months of his life when I leave him all day even when he's ill. I thought he was all better, but today he has been cranky, so I guess he may be a little achy- or he knows if he cries I'll feed him from what Laura Ruth calls my "super nipple."
About Jonesboro: I'm working at Dr. Lee St. Pierre's private practice on Brown's Lane in Jonesboro until I graduate on May 2. It is a busy practice and I saw the very first patient on Monday morning and worked hard all week long. I definitely have to work faster- I'm driving his assistants crazy with my slow refractions, "1 or 2, 3 or 4 ..... 99 or 100." I got a little faster by Friday, but I do have a long way to go. He has an office in Trumann also. We go there 2 half days a week and to nursing homes on Friday. I like the variety. I'm learning a lot about billing and coding which will be a huge advantage in just a few short months!
I'm writing random things, because I decided to print these blog pages as Solomon's baby book since this is easier than scrapbooking.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was a blast. Thank goodness that our friends accept us for who we are.