Monday, October 18, 2010

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching up

Rose and Solomon are my “little love buckets.” They make me laugh everyday. Solomon is now 3 and is actually calming down just a hair. He uses his imagination along with his love of superheroes to create a world around him of adventure. His favorite right now is Iron Man II. He begs to watch the movie over and over. It actually is a good movie if you haven’t seen it. Today he was speaking into a microphone giving the same speech from the movie calling Neall “Rodie.” It took us a long time to figure out what in the world he was talking about. Solomon is so good to Rose. He genuinely loves Rose and she loves him. She follow him and does everything she can to keep up. She isn’t afraid of anything. Sol has had a few rough days at school. He had been crying/screaming every Tuesday and Thursday and not getting a stamp for pushing, but the past week or two he has been a good boy. He’ll say “I was a bad boy at school today.” even when he was good. I don’t know what that is about because he hates spankings and especially being put in his room. He also loves all the Disney movies. He alternates between Snow White and the 7 “Doors” and Cinderella. He wants Rose to be a princess for Halloween and for him to be a Prince (When he isn’t being Iron Man or Buzz or Spiderman or Fireman or……

Rose is quite an amazing little thing. When I say little, I mean little. She is 20% in weight and 25th in height. I’m not sure that she weighs 20 pounds. One would think she doesn’t eat, but oh no, she’s the biggest eater of the family. Her word for food is yumyum. Today at lunch we said Rose are you ready to eat. She ran to the table saying “yum yum yum..” She isn’t picky and chows down. She uses a spoon better than most 2 year olds. She loves beans and asparagus the most. She can eat a cup of beans in no time. She also has starting pointing at something she wants and says “Me, me me.” She is very cuddly and gives a lot of kisses. At night I lay her in her bed and she snuggles in and goes to sleep. AMEN! Solomon goes to bed alone as well. I never thought that day would come. I look at Neall every night and say how is this possible. I definitely don’t take it for granted. She loves shoes and says, “shs” She always has some article of clothing in her hand. It may be Sol’s underwear, her pjs, or my bra, but she loves carrying around clothes.? She is a very happy baby and we don’t treat her like the big girl she is. She is growing up way too fast, she surprises us every day. Today she counted. Laura said One, and Rose said two, three. She hears us counting to three a lot with Sol around. She sees Sol get in trouble a lot, but she isn’t scared when I have to get onto her. She just smiles, giggles, and runs. She gets in trouble for playing with light sockets, the curtains, and putting things into her mouth.

Breakfast with Daddy.

Disney on Ice. Solomon and Emmy were in heaven. Maggie was in awe and Rose was hungry and interested in the cute girls behind us. The Toy Story gang came out at the end and I thought Sol was going to freak out. He loved the army man and cried when we left. It was a lot of fun. Rose loved the nachos. Aunt Tara thought Rose was sharing with her, but Rose was liking the cheese off and putting the chips on Tara’s knee. I don’t know where all that food goes.

After the show the gang was a little wound up.

Nanna’s Birthday. I made Granny’s sheet cake. It was actually good, not as good as granny’s. Silly family. We were getting a photo of us sticking our tongues out for Wes’s birthday photo.

Emmy spent the night and this is how they slept most of the night. It’s amazing how much they love each other. When Emmy is with us it is so nice; all the kids play together and rarely argue. They are just precious. If I do say so myself.