Monday, February 15, 2010

Emmy is Three!

The cake was delicious and very cute. Solomon ate 3 pieces.

Yea! Emmy!!

Birthday Girls was in a little bit of shock at everyone at her house ready to party.

Solomon and Saul. Emmy calls them both "Sollie Bear."

Rose reached out for Lynn Lynn when she arrived.

Julia and Sol loved the ball pit. Sol dove in head first.

Family Time

Sweet Rose

These Robins were everywhere outside our house. They were huge. I don't know if it was their feathers puffing them out or if they were eating a ton of berries. It really was amazing to see 100s of robins together. A few days later they moved on and black birds were everywhere. Today I saw a few blue jays. I'm ready for spring!

Sol was cracking me up in the snow. He kept pointing and telling me there was a tiger. "Wook mommy there's a tiger."

This is him as the tiger.

Sledding! It was exilerating. Sol loved it, but didn't love hiking back up. He got an ear infection, so we were only able to sled one day.


The long hike back.

Happy Rose. She can already touch and bounce. It seems like it took Sol a lot longer to be able to touch the floor and turn around and do the activites. He must have stretched out the cords.

Sweet kiddos.

We love daddy. Even Zion calls him Daddy. When Sol is tired he holds our ears. I can't sleep this way, Neall loves it.

One of Sol's fits.

Rose 6 months (January 28,2010)

We love our little girl with lots of little curls. She's becoming a big girl. She can sit alone and play. She loves the Iam a Star toy, her ball from Santa, and sippycups. She goes crazy over a cup especially one that Solomon has had. She knows how to work a sippy cup. She's a wopping 14 pounds. She fills so light after carring Sol around. She wears 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We still haven't bought diapers! Thanks PEO!!
She's a great eater. She eats baby food and/or cereal 3 times a day. She laughs out loud at Sol and watches his every move. She's getting better about letting other people hold her, but mommy is still her favorite. I have to remain within sight.
Nanna and PopPop kept Solomon and Rose all night on Valentine's night. This was the first night I have slept without a baby in 6 months! It was great not to wake up in the middle of the night. Nanna and PopPop held out until 7:30 am before calling. Rose went to sleep a little after 8 pm. Woke up at 1:30 and cried for an hour or two. She wouldn't take a bottle at all while I was away. So Nanna had to let her cry. She cried off and on until 5 am when she was ready to get up for the day; PopPop took over. Nanna said he pushed her around in the stroller singing, "Strolling through the city looking for some titty." PopPop always creates the best original lyrics. Nanna said we had to do something before we leave for 3 nights to Chicago in April. Last night we decided no nursing in the middle of the night. That is why I have been able to update the blog because I was up all last night. She went to sleep at 8pm, and Sol and I fell asleep also. I got up at 11:30 when she started crying and tried to rock her back asleep, that didn't work. Neall made her a bottle and that didn't work either. So, we let her cry. She cried off and on until after 1am. I kept checking on her and updating the blog, and doing laundry until 4am. I went to bed and she woke up before 5! I'm tired. Surely only a few more nights until she gets the hint.
She was sleeping pretty well until she got an ear infection and I let her nurse all night. She realized that was fun, so here we are today trying to undo.
We really have fun with her. She smiles, reaches, and stickes out her toungue when she is really happy. She is so excited to see Mrs.Linda in the mornings.

Catching up with photos

We love Maggie.
At the Zoo.

Maggie and Solomon

They both love a bath. Sol pours water over maggies head and she doesn't care. If she did that to Sol he would have a fit.

We all adore baby rose. She adores Sol the most.

Bubbles at Mrs. Bradshaw's birthday party.

Katie and Sol.

These are photos from Neall's election party for the School Board. We make fun of him when he hugs... as you can see he winces.

WhooRay! Daddy!

These are from this past summer when we went to a redbirds game. Nanna and PopPop were with us, so there wasn't room for 6 people in the fit. Well there actually was room with Neall in the back under the stroller. We loved the fit!

Rose 5 months (December 28, 2009)

Isn't she lovely! Oh so precious little girl. She is rolling both ways cooing and gooing. She can sit with a boppie and entertain herself for quite a while. She's eating quite well. She likes all the baby food we've tried except peas. She gags when she eats them. I haven't made all her food like I did for Solomon. I blend when I make something she can have. She's getting more of a variety this way I think anyway.... and I'm too tired for one more thing.

New Year's at the Kings. Solomon had to be sent home with Nanna and PopPop because he was throwing a fit to go upstairs.

A random lunch at our kitchen table. These are happy times. Solomon said he wanted tiger stripes for lunch, so I said OK and made fish sticks with ketchup squirted in between the rows; wha la tiger stripes!