Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Emmy!

February 13 is Emmy's First Birthday!! She has grown so quickly. She is above average in every way. She cut teeth early, crawled early, walked early, and is above average in beauty. Sol has a lot to look up to. She had the best first birthday: "Emmy Awards." There was a red carpet, swag bags as favors, a giant blow up Oscar, and her birthday cake was a huge yellow star with Emmy written across it. It was fun to be a part of such a special event. Emmy was entertaining because she had so much fun. We love our Emmy, Happy Birthday!


Solomon loves his Rain forest jumparoo. He really gets going.

It's really funny how Sol knows he looks cool in his sunglasses. He appreciates that he is preventing cataract formation at such a young age.

These kids are so happy and beautiful. Caroline, Evan, Sol, and Parker are so much fun to watch grow.

Solomon is a Five month old bouncing boy! He loves his Rain forest jumparoo. He bounces while he blows bubbles, coos, and squeals. He is reaching out for everything now, he is specific on what he wants. Visiting Aunt JuJu in rehab he wanted her meal menu, not any other piece of paper we would give him. He would throw down anything we would give him and he would lean toward the big piece of paper.

First Hotel Experience

Sol had his own big bed...

He didn't stay alone in it for long.

Under sad circumstances we had our first stay at a hotel with Solomon. Neall's Grandmother Jackson passed away just before her 90th birthday. The funeral was so nice. The preacher spoke about the quilts she made for people she loved. I think that is so neat to leave behind something that people cuddle up with, feel safe in, and think of you when they are wrapped up in one of your blankets. Solomon has a blanket that was made by Grandmother Jackson for Neall. We keep it in the living room and lay it out when Sol plays on the floor.