Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gulf Shores

We had an amazing time in Gulf Shores Memorial day weekend. We were lucky we got to go before the Gulf oil disaster hit. The King Family, B B (grandmother beth boeckmann), Laura, Martha, and Mallory.
baby Jack learned about pulling up. Solomon threw a few fits. I don't remember what this one was over.

Caroline and Solomon love each other.

Jack learned how to crawl on the trip.


Happy Babies


I had an eye infection during the trip. Luckily I always bring samples in case someone else has a problem. I had never had "pink eye" before. It really sucks. Luckily no one else got it.

I love this photo. Mallory took this one. It's the one we used for her first birthday invitation.
We are having to squeeze Solomon a little to keep him upright.

If one kid was looking straight, the other turned. Photo sessions are not easy.
Having a little talk. I don't know why we waste our breath.

Sweet brother. He loves Rose. 99% of the time he is very sweet to her.

He looks so big.

The girls got ready to go out, then they decided to stay in. That's why their clothes don't match their pretty faces.

slushes make everything better.
When Solomon would get to the sand he would lay down and roll all in it. He had sand from head to toe the entire trip. It was a lot of fun getting the sand out of his hair.
He and Caroline would run off together on the beach. They thought it was hilarious. We didn't. We spent a lot of time chasing and hollering.

Taunting Rose

The happiest mom in the world.

This is when I'm the happiest. With my babies in my lap.
Rose stayed in the pool on the beach all day saturday. She was so content.
Jack tuckered out.

Sol liked the ocean only in this boat. He would get his feet in, but he didn't like being held in the ocean. When I took Rose out in the water he freaked out. Rose loved it. She squealed and laughed.
Beach Bums.

Rose and I didn't leave the beach all day long. She even slept on the beach. I had a back spasm, so I would have to get up every two minutes and walk around and stretch. It was a perfect day. It wasn't too hot, and the water was perfect.

The king/jackson camp.
This looks like a post card.
Rose is a beach baby.