Friday, May 15, 2009

Trip to Atlanta and a few extra

This past weekend we went to Atlanta for Maggie's baptism. We were dreading taking Solomon on the long car ride, but he was perfect. Before we left he jumped in the van and got in his car seat and was ready to go. Nana read him books for a while then we ate then he watched Yo Gabba Gabba then he slept. We got to Atlanta about 2 am and Solomon was excited to get to the hotel, but he settled down after 30 minutes and slept the rest of the night.
The rest of the weekend was no different. Solomon was so good. He was happy that everyone was around him. If any of us left his sight he would say, " Where pop pop go, where nanna go, etc" He and Maggie played so well together.
The highlight for me of the trip, besides seeing maggie, was going to IKEA. I finally got shades for my big windows!! I can't wait to see how much it saves on energy this summer!!
Back to Solomon, he is talking so much now. He's 20 months old. He is counting to 10, except for the #8. Mrs. Linda said she taught him because when she puts him in time out she counts to 10. I asked her if she skips #8, and she denied it. He knows all his colors, but really likes green, so if you ask him, ask green so he'll get it right.
We are having so much fun with him. I do get embarrassed when he tells people to "go away" I'm guessing he learned this from us yelling at the dogs. He even tells us sometimes to "go away daddy" I can't help but give him a pop on the leg for that. He usually just laughs and says "hi momma" When he wants something or gets in trouble he says "hi momma" or "hi daddy" over and over until you acknowledge him.
Solomon learning to take pictures.
Sol's first ice cream cone. I ate it down to make it a mini cone and Sol ate the rest. We stopped at a McDonalds outside of Tupelo on the way home from Atlanta. Solomon had slept until then. He woke up so happy. We were all happy to get out of the car. Especially mom and I because we were stuck in the back with all the IKEA boxes. It was worth being cramped.

Maggie loves purses and was able to pilfer through Nana's purse even when being carried. The first thing she pulled out was a pen. Nana said she couldn't even find that when she was looking for it.

Solomon learning to take photos.

Solomon was amazed by the Beluga Whales.

When Maggie woke up from a nap they got to get their hands on each other for the first time. It really is amazing how they remember each other and are so happy to be together. They are both so affectionate.

Pop Pop and Maggie amazed at some sea creature.

This picture is from Christmas, but I got it off Mom's camera and it cracks me up. Sol looks like a construction worker had a hard day at work.

Laura bought Solomon this costume at Village Creek. It's a park ranger uniform with a moose included. Solomon loved it.
Maggie's baptism. She was perfect. She just smiled and looked around. When the preacher carried her off Solomon yelled "Maaaaggggiiieeeeee, Where Maggie Go!!" He was scrambling to get down and go save her.

Maggie pushing Solomon around on the toy airplane. It's just like all pilots, they sit up front and play while all the women in the back do all the work.
A huge milestone of the trip was getting to watch Maggie walk long distances by herself for the first time. On Sunday she started chasing Solmon around. We all were amazed as she turned the corner and continued to walk toward Solomon. She even stood up by herself from the middle of the floor! Isn't she an amazing little thing!

Solomon learned a new word: "Shark"

Emmy and Easter

Solomon and I were lucky enough to get to take Emmy to her first day of School (pre-school) She looked precious in an outfit from Lynn-Lynn. Emmy didn't even wimper. Solomon cried because he wanted to stay.

They truly love each other.
Watching the Lion King and eating popcorn.
One day I came home for lunch and Solomon was in heaven. He had everyone standing around him reading him a book. He loves Granny and Poppy. He puts on a show when he sees them. He is always precious around them until it's time to leave, then he shows his true wild side.
washing Sol's feet.
The night we brought Emmy home with us Solomon went crazy. He was besides himself silly excited about Emmy being at our house. I think he scared Emmy a little bit.
Last month Maggie came to Wynne for one day! We were so excited to see her, even if for a few hours. Isn't Mary-Margaret so sweet to fly all that way just for a few hours!? We love our Maggie, she is so good natured, smart, cute, and loves us. We love her too.

Solomon wasn't easy to hold because he didnt' want to be away from Emmy.

The best Family photo we could get that day.

Random Photos

we went to Angelettie's (sp?) petting farm on our way home from Memphis one day. Solomon loved it, Neall and I were a little nervous. Neall didn't let his hands go below his waist.

Caroline's birthday cupcakes.

These were taken a few months ago at Village Creek.