Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Neall took us on a ride in the baggage carrier. Hopefully Sol doesn't like being behind bars too much.

Sol's first dip in the pool.

Sol loved the water! He squealed and splashed. I don't know if it was more fun for him or for Neall and I watching him.

Neall, Solomon, and I went to Atlanta this past weekend for 3 nights! It's the longest we've been away from home in almost 2 years. It was so wonderful staying in a hotel and relaxing. The drive was LONG. We left at 4 am and Solomon didn't wake until 7am. He would wine, so we would pull over and when we would take him out of his seat he was so excited and happy. We had to sing Disney songs and Black Spirituals at the top of our lungs much of the time. Baby Mum Mums were also a life saver- as long as he had one of these in his mouth he was fine.
One night Ben and Mary-Margaret were kind enough to keep Sol while Neall and I went to IKEA and out to eat. We decided our code word for an emergency would be "Banjo 911." Needless to say at the end of our meal we get a text "banjo 911, call Ben." Sol was not happy despite Ben and MM desperate efforts to do everything he wanted. By the time we got to the car Sol was asleep on Ben's shoulder. Ben said as soon as we got off the phone with him he took Sol back outside and he stopped crying, admitted defeat and fell asleep. Ben says he finally broke Sol's spirit. MM says she learned a few things that she'll need before her baby gets here and was thankful for the experience. When we arrived Ben, MM, and their house was covered in slobbery dough from baby cookies that kept Solomon content for 4 hours. They said he probably ate 20 or more. They would have done anything to keep him quiet.

Ben and MM after a long night. Notice the cookie prints all over them. When we pick up Sol he was naked and sticky. They even tried a bath to calm him- he's becoming a momma's boy.I know he had a blast despite his fit at the end because he smiled in his sleep on the way home. Only 1 month 1 week and 3 days until Baby Meyer is due!!

Best story of the trip:
Ben and MM were feeding Sol and MM told ben that the nipple hole was too small. (I told her that she may need to enlarge the hole because it was an old nipple that I just grabbed on the way out the door.) So, Ben the self proclaimed "Baby Whisperer" enlarged the hole:

Mary-Margaret and I laughed until we cried when we looked at this nipple. Ben made the hole 6mm in diameter! What does he think my nipples do when Sol nurses. MM said milk was pouring into Sol's throat and he was gurgling and it was running all over his face and onto the couch. Oh the fun!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Caroline and Evan!

Caroline and Evan turned 1 last week and we celebrated with them on Saturday! This year has passed so quickly. They are both so happy and busy with their new toddling skills. It has been so much fun watching them grow and being able to see what Sol will be doing in a few months.

Parker wanted to tell Sol something really bad, or maybe he wanted to chew on his face? There were lots of babies at Evans party. It's going to be crazy in a few years with all of them running around. Julia refereed as Sol and Parker played on the couch.
Caroline was so cute in her pink too-too. She is so busy. She enjoyed showing Solomon how to work the big kid toys.

Caroline got a new slide for her birthday, but it was too cold to enjoy, so she imagined all the fun she'll have on it while peering through the window.

7 months

Solomon was 7 months on the 12th and I can already tell this is going to be an exciting month. Last month he got his 2 top teeth to match his two bottoms. My dad (Pa) says he looks like a walrus, and he pretty much does with the big space between them and because they look so big in his little mouth. He is starting to become mobile. He is now rolling where ever he needs to go. This is a big relief to Neall because he gets tired of Sol wanting up and down, he now can get to what he wants to pick up and put in his mouth.

Solomon's Two Top Teeth!

Solomon LOVES the dogs. He belly laughs at their playing and yearns to play with them. Yesterday I let him roll around in the floor with them. Sol rolled over to Ollie and took her nylon bone away from her. Sol was so excited, he just held it in his hand like a trophy, but Ollie came over and gently took it back. These dogs are in for it as soon as Sol begins to crawl. Sol already wrestles with them if we let him. He gets on Ollie's back and tugs at her ears. So far she has been very gentle and is happy just to be messed with.