Tuesday, November 24, 2009


FUMC family fall fun fest.

Granny thinks Rose is so precious. You should hear her talk about her. I think her grandbabies get more special with each arrivial. Rose is #15, I think! I hope I'm that lucky.

King and Jackson babies.

Rose's first boppy experience

This was their face when Pop pop was a pig.

Pop pop rang the door bell and Caroline and Sol answered to find a pig at the door. It scared them for a minute, then they wanted him to do it again and again.

School party

He had a Spider-man costume, but he decided he wanted to be a football player for the church party. For Halloween night he decided he wanted to be a grizzlies basketball player, specifically Rudy Gay.
Since Neall took him to the Grizzlies game he wants us to cheer him on when he plays. He even pretends to dribble. He'll say "Go Rudy" " defence." Neall got his wish when it came to a son loving basketball. I don't think he'll get his wish of a son being over 6 feet.

Parker aka Handy Manny had a kit kat Sol really wanted. Now everytime sol sees a kitkat he calls it Parker candy.

Laura was a vet tech and rose was a baby cow.

Pumpkin carving. Laura did most of the work. I thought Sol would love to dig out the seeds, but he touched the insides and said "ooooh gross." He observed from a distance until we got out the fire.

Exercising with daddy.

Rose watching the pumpkin carving.

The wonderful Eldridge Court.

Sol's favorite was Tigger.

Rose and Solomon Halloween 2009. Precious shirts made by Lynn Lynn.

It's impossible to get them both to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fun

The beautiful Ginko at Mr.Buddy's house.

This picture captures Solomon.

at the zoo. The new Teton Trek is something to see. It gets me geard up to go to Yellowstone next summer!!
Rose was breathing. We did have a few people come up and ask if she could breath. Do I look that incompetent? No, it's nice that people care.

Rose 3 months

Rose is really growing up fast. She is a big cooer and gooer. Solomon didn't "talk" as much as she does. I guess it's a girl thing. She is very smiley and happy. She still loves mommy the best, but she'll let others hold her for a little while. She watches Sol's every move. He adores her. First thing he wants in the morning is to see or hold "baby rose." He kisses on her and wants everyone to acknowledge her. We try to talk to him first, because we don't want him to get jealous, but he'll point to baby rose and tell us to say hi. Rose also has been reaching and grabbing toys and objects. So smart. With her bouncer she scoots down and turns the parrot. We are easily impressed, I guess.
She still has her curls on top. So precious. She's drooling like mad. Solomon got his first teeth at 4 monts, so I'm wondering if she'll do the same.
She's doing well with sleeping. I think she's doing well, but other parents that have children that sleep may not agree. You have to understand that this is all relative- we have solomon that hasn't slept through the night but maybe 2 times. Rose can go to sleep in her bed semi-awake. She goes to bed anywhere from 8-9 and sleeps to 3-4 eats, then goes right back to seep until 5-7. Solomon goes to sleep in his bed, with one of us beside him, 8:30-9:30. With the time change we tried 8:30 which was really 9:30, but he isn't easily tricked. He hollers out throughout the night and ends up in our bed, or one of us is in his by morning. Sometimes he cries out for pudding, other times for Grammy and Poppy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayes

We had a wonderful time at Hayes's 2nd birthday. The weather was beautiful and thier new home is awesome.

Me and my new iphone. One more thing I said I'd never have. It's awesome. 28 isn't so bad. Thanks for the Birthday, Neall.