Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary Poppy and Granny!

Granny and Poppy have been married 62 years! They are so lucky. I am so thankful for them. I pray I live long enough to be married to Neall for 62 years.

After dinner dad took sol on a tractor ride. Sol screamed when they got off, so Dad started it up again and rode him around until he fell asleep. I guess it takes dad and 25$ worth of gas to get him to fall peacefully asleep.

Solomon's First Haircut

Helping Aunt Beverly as she cuts his hair.

So much better!

Solomon got his first haircut on Friday August 22. He doesn't have much hair, but he did have a mullet. It was stringy around his ears and long in the back. He looks like a little boy now. Laura, Martha, Neall, and I were all there to watch while Aunt Beverly trimmed him up. He enjoyed all the attention. Martha and Laura fixed his hair after the cut.


I love this picture of Neall and Solomon, I think they look alike here.

Monkey came to Wynne!! She visited me on my first week of work. I'm glad we live in the same state, so we will see each other at meetings.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More pics

Sesame Street Live. Linton was the only kid that really knew what was going on. He had actually heard of Elmo.
Joy and Julia, totally immersed.

Solomon loved it. I was really surprised. He stood in the seat next to me and jumped up and down and clapped. By the second half he had enough. We could hear the crowd starting to meltdown. If Solomon were at home he would have thrown a fit before he went to sleep. With all the action, loud music, and children crying Sol drifts off to sleep.

Last weekend on our way home from the lake. Emmy holds Solomon's hand to comfort him.

In the sailboat. We had to stay inside, because he threw a tantrum with his life vest on.

They have so much fun together.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This little boy is almost 1 year old! He's so much fun. His favorite game is throwing the ball. He can answer yes and no by shaking his head. 99% of the time he'll answer the "no" questions such as "Do you want to go to Laura." (just kidding sissy) She taught him the yes and no game. He's walking further and further. Crawling is still his main mode of transportation.
He's started drinking whole milk, but then we were mailed this coupon from Infamil about their formula for one year olds that is soooo much better than cow's milk. So, we of course were suckered in and bought a twenty dollar carton of powder. He liked it a lot more, so I guess this will get him by until he'll drink whole milk. He's still nursing morning, noon, after work, and night. Slowly I hope to get down to morning and night and maybe when he goes to kindergarten he'll quit nursing ;).
He loves to ride the 4wheeler. When asked if he wanted to get off, he shook his head no!
When asked how a doggie goes he can bark, or grunt. If he sees a dog or a picture or anything that resembles a dog, such as a bear, he starts making his noise. His new favorite book is Animal Sounds that Dr. and Mrs. Harmon Smith gave him. He can pat-a-cake by clapping and rolling it up; the only part he doesn't do is the throw it in the pan. He can say bye bye, momma, Iloveyou "iiiooooo" (all one word)
He has an airplane book at my parent's house that is shaped like an airplane's steering wheel. He loves to hold it and spin on the floor on his butt while making a noise. How does he know how that works? Grammy puts him in her lap and moves his side to side simulating flying. He grunts for more when she stops.

Saying bye to mommy after lunch. How do I leave that face?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Neall!

August 7th was Neall's 30th birthday. We celebrated with lunch at Lenny's and a trip to Hess shoes for yep, new tennis shoes. Then dinner with grammy and pa at Don Jose's. Neall got a power drill and tools from them and a mixed CD from Laura.
Here are some pics from his big celebration with Jon David and Justin last month.Hay's created a very cute cake. They imprinted the invitation on the cake. The invitation was created by Tara. It couldn't have been any more perfect.

Caroline, Emmy, and Solomon
The boys with Chef AL
Birthday boys: Neall, Jon David, and Justin
Ginger's first keg stand.
Ambre's legs, they go on forever.
Neall completed a keg stand.

The beautiful hog that Al cooked.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more pics

A few pics from Nick and Suzanne's wedding. We had a wonderful time. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. Justin and Chris at the reception.
Jere-jere, Big and Sol dancing
Jon and Ashley resting.
Baby Sol and Patrick were tuckered out after a long night of partying.

Ben and Courtney.
Nick and the boys.
Mr.Earl and Solomon. They love each other.
The last two on the dance floor.
Betsy and Matt.
Sol and Katie. She was so sweet to dance with him.
Mary Reece and Solomon. He loved her.

Mrs. Josie and Mr. Terry at the rehearsal. Sol was content with them for a very long time.
Martha and Sol.
A fun game of pee-pie with jere-jere and martha.
Patrick and Sol. Patrick Fisher will be bigger than sol in a few months, so I told sol to get his punches in now.

AT THE ZOO 7-4-08

Tara took this pic at the zoo. Sol didn't want to get in the tree with the baby panda.
First trip to the zoo. Sol's favorite was the elephants.
Bad hair day.
Fun with the door stopper.
He went down the giant blow up slide over and over at Tom Lee Park on the 4th of July.
Do you notice the misspelled word?

Tara and Emmy. They had the zoo thing figured out. They were prepared.
Sol's first petting zoo. He loved it until the goat Mawed in his face.

This is a video of Solomon on the tractor listening to some real country music. He was looking at turkey claws and animal skins hung on the wall in front of him. Why did those amaze him? I didn't even notice them until he started staring at them.