Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Solomon is Thankful for Caroline

These are attmepts at a Christmas photo with both kids:..... it didn't work out.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rose Four Months

Rose's Christening. Solomon threw a fit because he saw the microphone and wanted to sing Angles Watching Over Me. He's going to love the Keroke machine we got him for Christmas.

Solomon was not interested in Rose's christening. Neall was sweating from wrangling him. MM ended up getting him and then taking Maggie and him to the nursery.
This is me laughing at MaryMargaret because she was trying to take pictures while Solomon and Maggie crawled all over her. Maggie didn't like Sol on her mom so she was squealing and Solmon was saying "It's ok Maggie, I'll help you." If only I had a camera.

Rose is a delight. She has a bubbly personality. I feel bad that she witnesses Solomons tantrums, but she just smiles. Sol is really good at these fits, I hope she doesn't learn too early. I took her for her 4 month check up today (almost a month late.) She's at 50th percentile in everything except height, she's less than 50percent. Neall and I think she's big, until we compare her to Sol who has always been off the charts, especially in head circumfrence. She's cuddly and has lots of little rolls, but she's just so light. She weighed 13.? lbs. We've given her cereal, but she dosen't love it. I gave her some fruit, and she loved it, so I mixed it with cereal and she liked it a little better. She can roll over both ways

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


FUMC family fall fun fest.

Granny thinks Rose is so precious. You should hear her talk about her. I think her grandbabies get more special with each arrivial. Rose is #15, I think! I hope I'm that lucky.

King and Jackson babies.

Rose's first boppy experience

This was their face when Pop pop was a pig.

Pop pop rang the door bell and Caroline and Sol answered to find a pig at the door. It scared them for a minute, then they wanted him to do it again and again.

School party

He had a Spider-man costume, but he decided he wanted to be a football player for the church party. For Halloween night he decided he wanted to be a grizzlies basketball player, specifically Rudy Gay.
Since Neall took him to the Grizzlies game he wants us to cheer him on when he plays. He even pretends to dribble. He'll say "Go Rudy" " defence." Neall got his wish when it came to a son loving basketball. I don't think he'll get his wish of a son being over 6 feet.

Parker aka Handy Manny had a kit kat Sol really wanted. Now everytime sol sees a kitkat he calls it Parker candy.

Laura was a vet tech and rose was a baby cow.

Pumpkin carving. Laura did most of the work. I thought Sol would love to dig out the seeds, but he touched the insides and said "ooooh gross." He observed from a distance until we got out the fire.

Exercising with daddy.

Rose watching the pumpkin carving.

The wonderful Eldridge Court.

Sol's favorite was Tigger.

Rose and Solomon Halloween 2009. Precious shirts made by Lynn Lynn.

It's impossible to get them both to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fun

The beautiful Ginko at Mr.Buddy's house.

This picture captures Solomon.

at the zoo. The new Teton Trek is something to see. It gets me geard up to go to Yellowstone next summer!!
Rose was breathing. We did have a few people come up and ask if she could breath. Do I look that incompetent? No, it's nice that people care.