Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

This is a rosemary plant that is taking over our yard, and we actually have trimmed it back in the past. This rosemary plant has very special meaning to us. The Mrs. Reagler hosted a wedding shower for me and as a hostess gift I gave rosemary plants. She actually planted it, and 5 years later it is still alive and well. I guess Neall and I might need to worry if it starts to die!

Playing in the water is fun, but next time we'll put pants that fit on.
I wanted to take a picture of Solomon playing in the water, but that's not exactly what he had in mind. Now that I look at his pants about to fall down, I might understand his discomfort.
This night Solomon had a huge fit. He wanted to sit in his chair and watch Mickey Mouse "Hot Dog." We didn't let him- I know we are horrible parents, but we can take only so much of "hot dog."
We love to hear him say hammer, "haaaammmmmr"

The wonderful Eldridge Court. Solomon was amazed at the characters, but he wouldn't touch them.

This was a wonderful day at the park. Granny, Poppy, Nanna, Laura, Joy, Julia, Neall, and I enjoyed an afternoon in the beautiful weather.
This is where Solomon is the happiest. Sitting in the car. We can barely go on walks without him throwing a fit to sit in every car he sees. Solomon also loves his Mrs. Linda, we love her too.

Solomon demanded that Nanna wear the helmet, then sat in her lap to read.

Isn't that a precious family!?

These three little dorks went into the condo, all got a book, and sat down to read.

Precious Parker.

Caroline showing off her walking backwards skills.

One weekend in Memphis Solomon and I had a wonderful time together. We went to the mall and rode the carousel, shopped a little, then went to the play area in the mall.

This is a sweet little video of Solomon "reading" to Parker. It was obviously hilarious. We only caught the last few seconds of them playing. Catch the first few seconds.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's A Girl!!

As if most people don't know already we're going to be having a little baby girl around August 1 this year! I'm going on 21 weeks now and feel great. The only difference between this pregnancy is I've had a few headaches and I've broken out a little. I guess it's the extra estrogen. Between all of us we've had 3 viruses since I found out I was pregnant. I don't know what all that is about. I guess I'm around kids a whole lot more. Maybe this baby will be immune to that many more by the time she gets here.
Neall and I can't wait to meet her. Solomon may not feel the same way when she arrives. He's such a momma's boy that I'm afraid he may be really upset. But at least he won't remember the good days before she arrives.
She's a very busy girl. I've felt her move for a month now and at my ultrasounds she has been in constant motion.
We're still working on names. We're thinking maybe Rose Ryan or Ruth Beal. We try to keep it in the family, and that isn't easy all the time. Can anyone suggest how to use Otha?
It is much more fun to buy for a girl! We've already found that out.