Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Videos of Rose

Laura took these videos of Rose. Her crawling video was made while we were in Chicago. It was really neat to be able to see a video of Rose while we were away. Technology is good.

Rose is a little ham. She squints her nose and smiles and throws her little head back. She is a happy baby, especially when she is eating.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Scrub a dub dub three babies in the tub. Sol kept drinking the water. I told him that I was going to pour it over his head if he drank it again... of course he did. Is water boarding 2 year olds legal? He didn't do it again. I guess water boarding works.

You can tell in Rose's eyes that she adores Emmy.
The Family Easter photo. The part of Easter I remember growing up. My least favorite growing up, but somehow it is my favorite part now. Eventhough Sol doesn't want his shoes, shirt, or pants on and is screaming, I wouldn't trade this moment.

And we're done!

Princess and SpiderMan. Emmy said "Princesses don't like spiders"

Rose don't eat the real eggs. Sol only knows this because he ate one the day before... He didn't like it. It is now ground into his car seat. I've got to remember to wash that.

Is this candy too? We are so glad Easter is over. There was too much candy. I don't think sol ate anything but candy for two days.

Sweet, sweet boys.

Bunny Hop: I was so proud that he did this.
On your mark, get set, go!
Sol and Ben Curtis are dressed alike. From the back they were hard to tell apart.
Doing well....And down he goes.That was fun! Good Friday was so good. We spent the morning dying Easter eggs with Joy, Julia, Emily, and Maggie. Of course Sol spilled the egg dye on the rug. Watch out, when the Jackson's come visit your house will never be the same! Julia loved the egg dying. I was surprised at how long Solomon enjoyed it. I think he enjoyed Joy's enthusiasm and patients.

Peter Parker, aka Solomon, took these photos (above and below). Pretty good for how heavy the camera is for him.

Rose 8 months

Sol not wanting to sit for a picutre. He wanted to be Peter Parker. Peter Parker is a photographer in Spiderman.

I went in to check on Rose and Monkey Sock scared me. They are cuddle partners for half the night. I take the other half. It is a blessing that Rose goes so easily to bed. I nurse and rock her then lay her in her crib! We still have to hold Sol down.

I could eat her up. She is my cuddly, sweet, precious, baby girl. We love each other. She is waving bye and hello. This morning I swear when I carried her in the bed room she waved at neall and said HI Da Da. We knew it was babbling, but it sure sounded like it. She says mamma, dada, nana, baba, all constnants. She's more verbal than Sol was. She is starting to crawl. She's not on her hands and knees yet, but she can get from one end of the room to the other. Nanna and PopPop swear she stood by herself today at lunch. It's going to be really weird to see her little self walking around in a few months. If she gets near an object she pulls up on it.

She eats anything and everything. She's only in the 5 to 15th percentile, but she can chow down.

Her favorite game is peek a boo and watching Sol. She also loves to rummage through my vanity and Nanna's purse. Sunday and church Rose went through nanna's pouch with lots of lipstick and other cylinders. Nanna took one out to get it out of the way and rose grabbed it and put it back in the pouch as if to say, "No, it goes in here." Small but Mighty.