Monday, March 15, 2010

Having fun

Happy Birthday Deacon. WE had fun at his McDonalds birthday party. He had a Spiderman theme, so Solomon was elated! It was so cute after we sang Happy Birthday some of the other kids including Sol wanted the candle also, so we sang and blew out the candle a few other times. Note: At 3 yo birthday parties, put a candle on everyone's cupcake.

Baby Rose enjoyed her prunes.

WE love Mrs.Linda. (Mrs. Winda). We will miss Zion.

Love Baby Rose
Neall trying to keep his eyes open.

Rose was having a bad hair day. This is how I left Mrs. Linda for lunch one day. She had her hands full. I don't know how she does it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring time

Happy Baby.

Mad baby.

Spring is here. For a second at least. It was so nice to be outside. Sol said "I need some sungwasses." One morning this week both kids were up at 4:30, so after trying for a while to got to sleep I gave up and Rose, Sol, and I went for a walk. It was so nice. Sol talked the whole time. He could see the moon and was trying to reach it. He said he needed an airpwain. So we talked about how uncle Ben flies an airplane and can touch the clouds. Then I asked if a helicopter could reach the moon and he said no. So, the final decision was that a space ship could go to the moon. He's interested in space n0w that we've watched the Disney video of Planet Earth (earf). He knows earth, moon, and Mars. Rose fell asleep.

Solomon 2 1/2

Wow! IronMan.

One day at lunch watching IronMan.

Solomon is an amazing boy. He surprises us everyday. Yesterday he asked me in the bathtub where my penis was. I said I didn't have one. He got a confused look on his face. He said, "what is it." That's when I hollered at Neall. I asked Neall what we are going to call it. I said, "are we going to call it a vagina since we call his a penis." Neall said he didn't want him saying that. So I said are we going to tell Rose it's a vagina? Neall shrugged. I think that is very sexist. We can say penis with no problem, but are shy about saying vagina. We'll it is still a no named part until I can tell Solomon otherwise.
He is on the move with a tricycle now. He rides up and down the house. He loves for us to chase him. He really loves to ride his "big bike" Hot wheels at Nanna and Pop pops house. He can go in a big circle. He wakes up and the first thing he does is hop on his bike and ask to go to nanna's house.
A few weeks ago he knew his left from right, but I'm not sure that has stuck. He still loves Spiderman. He has been wearing his spiderman houseshoes even to sleep in. He had an ear infection last month and mom and I held him down so Dr.Beth could look in his ear. He now pretends he is taking our temperature in our ear with his vet kit and tells us to say "ow, ow" and he says it's ok its almost over, be still. He will tell us that Dr.Beth made him feel better, but then he'll say No Dr.Beth stop hurting my ear. Poor thing, I've never had an ear infection, so I don't know how bad he was hurting.
He loves the Black Eyed Peas. He can sing "I've got a feeling." It's funny to hear him sing, "I've got my money, lets spend it up." Neall really wants to take him to a concert, I think he's a little young for a Black Eyed Peas performance.
He doesn't play with toys much at all. He is in his imagination most of the time. Today at lunch we were reaching for a key. He was SuperWhy. We were too short, so he asked if a mouse-k-tool could help. So I told him the 4 items the mousektool brought (slide, ladder, hammer, and a mystery mousektool) He chose the ladder. I put the ladder up and he climbed up and got the key. The key opened a present for me. It was candy. I got to eat it all without making him mad. (all of this is imagined, I didn't go get a ladder; he is just as happy seeing it in his minds-eye.)
His favorite books are Little Black, Pinkalicious (we got it for Emmy, but she had it), and Herman's Hat.
He's very good to Rose. If she gets something of his he goes and gets her a toy and gets his from her.
He's not the best eater. He loves a chicken pot pie (chicken pie), fish sticks, hamburger and ff. He does like Nanna's turkey loaf and peas. He is a candy freak. He wanted to go get a shot so he could get candy.
He loves his puckey. He had a favorite "big puckey." He will wake up in the middle of the night look at big puckey and say "ahh, big puckey"
He's loving his daddy. Last night Neall came in from playing basketball. Sol said, "Daddy did you play basketball?" Yes, Sol "Daddy did you tackle Rudy" Yes Sol. Rudy is Rudy Gay from the Grizzlies. When we play basketball with Sol he's Rudy and I'm Zebo (another player.) I took Sol to watch Neall and some boys play and he was in awe. Jimmy Huff raised him up to shoot the basket. The next day Sol said to me, "Mr.Jimmy put me up and I shot the ball, That was so nice Mr.Jimmy."
The fits are furious. Today at lunch he was screaming that his hamburger wasn't right, "It's not right." He wanted the hamburger in the sack with no paper left at the bottom. He also has been known to throw a fit screaming, "It's not perfect." I don't know where he got that from.
Just when I think I'm going to get him some counseling, he acts like a sweet little boy for a few hours.

Rose 7 months (February 28)

Oh my precious baby girl. I can't get enough. She is so loving. She gives me kisses and is always so happy to see me. She shortly then begins grunting for food, but there is a moment of happiness. She eats anything she can put into her mouth. Loves guacamole. She really wants whatever we are having. I blended the chicken and rice we had for dinner, and she loved it. She doesn't love bananas per Nanna, but everything else she has devoured.
We love her tuft of hair on top. It's just a really curly mass right on top. It reminds us of Parker.
She says da da da da, not to Neall, but she babbles that sound. She's more verbal than Sol was. She sits and plays, can sometimes get to sitting from laying. She gets on her hands and knees, but we don't have any forward motion yet.
She's a much better sleeper than Sol. I can lay her in her bed at 8pm and she goes to sleep with just a second of whining. She has slept through the night, but she mostly gets up at 3:30 and eats and goes back to sleep with us. Morning is the best with Sol and Rose so happy and cuddly. Neall and I can't imagine not waking up to sweet little faces in the morning.
She still just has two bottom teeth. She uses them to chow down on some Mum Mums.
She loves a bath and Solomon most of all.